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At Roleshare we enable a diverse, sustainable, and equitable workforce

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Get matched and connect to other professionals who want to share a role and find jobs to share, together! Whether you want to share your existing role or find a new one, Roleshare can help you.

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From mid to large enterprises, a growing number of the world’s best companies offer job sharing as a way to retain, redeploy, and hire diverse talent.                                                                                        

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I want to balance brain and body.
Chief Product Officer

I'm reevaluating life and my priorities.
HR Director

I want to make it all work.
Sr. Digital Marketing Manager

I want to learn and develop.
Operations Lead

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Why share a job?

Roleshare is a unique solution to retain our employees and activate a new talent base with potential to positively impact age and gender diversity.

Amy, Global Acquisition Manager, bp

The key dynamic of a job share is that you want to do a great job not just for you and the organization and its customers, but for your job share partner as well. So it sets a high bar. We’ve delivered huge projects and run multiple teams as a job share, and the feedback has been positive.

Will & Sam Co-Directors Sustainability, Aviva

With freelance you're never fully in the fold. You’ve got to really dig to get information you need to be successful. Being able to share the workload and have access to all the info and benefits of a full-time job is interesting.

Rachel, Digital Marketing Freelancer

Having a trusted peer with you all the time to think things through is incredibly powerful. It brings a real business benefit in terms of the quality of the solution.

Shelagh, Co-VP Research & Development, Unilever

I'm moving into the default of advertising roles this way. It gives us an opportunity to reach a different candidate set that we wouldn't have reached before.

Derrick, GM Customer Success, Microsoft

I'm starting my MBA and  looking for something part-time that keeps me interested, with a good income, to handle the two commitments.

Mohamed, Finance Manager, Tech

We have found job share to be a huge advantage in that we are able to have considered issues from a variety of lenses before coming to an agreed way forward. As a result, we have found we are bolder and quicker in our decision making.

Lucy & Debra, Co-HR Directors, JLL

Roleshare is a way to get the best out of people and keep them in the workforce. I'm not in the workforce, currently. I don't know for how long. I can’t just go back to anything, and roleshare feels right.

Caroline, Head of Product Management

We are upbeat because we’re getting that work-life balance. I feel very grateful  for this opportunity. I want to give it my best and I feel so passionate about the organization.

Sherelle, Co-Head of Internal Communication, Open Banking

Two people coming together can come up with even better ideas and service for their clients because two heads are better than one – and that can really happen in shared roles.

Alison, Head of HR, Allen & Overy

I still think that when I shared my job was the time I performed best in my life.

Ellie Detective, London Metropolitan Police

Your top questions

What does it mean to share a job?

Two people share the responsibilities, benefits, and salary of a full-time job. They alternate working days or weeks, have a proper handover, share tools and communications channels, and keep productivity going full time.

Will it be more work for my manager?

It should not. When people share jobs they are measured together, this is key as it creates unique 1:1 accountability, which in turn means managers can be more hands off day to day. Managers also gain by retaining direct reports at risk of leaving or attracting untapped talent who together bring greater continuity and more experience on their team.  See tips for managers considering roleshare and suggestions on how to manage job sharers.

What if one person is better than the other?

Good motivation and opportunity to grow and improve then, no? It all starts with the right match and a solid plan. That’s where Roleshare comes in. According to research we conducted when people share jobs they perform at their individual best - there is also a 30% productivity gain. The extra care around communication, tracking, and handover, drives more accountability. Additionally, our research suggests there is a natural coaching and upskilling benefit built into job share. More real-time feedback within the pair drives regular opportunities to grow and improve.  Learn more.

What if my sharing partner leaves?

If a full-time person leaves, a business still has to source, interview and onboard a new starter - it’s the same for a job share applicant. Except, if one person leaves in a job share, you can find a replacement on Roleshare that is a good match to the person that remains. And the business and the team still have another employee with similar skills and knowledge to maintain continuity and help onboard and train a replacement speedily.

What if we don't get along?

Before sharing jobs, professionals seeking to share jobs should be able to find relevant matches, co-interview each other, and establish chemistry, motivation and values.
For example, by creating an account on the Roleshare platform, candidates can contact and communicate with a range of like-minded individuals to ensure the chemistry and shared values are in place before they commit to
applying for roles.

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