Demystify job sharing and get the tools to make it work.

Job sharing means change. A change to the way that you have operated previously and a change to the business. In times of change we need to plan. What are the practicalities? What does the day to day look like? Who will lead on what? How will we handover? How do we manage performance? How do you ensure that you have coverage across all work and client interactions? The list of unknowns is endless.

At The Job Share Pair, we, Hannah and Rachel, demystify the nuts and bolts of job sharing and provide you with all the tools you need to make it work. Using our combined 25 years’ HR industry experience and having worked as job sharers ourselves as Board level HR Directors, we understand the day to day logistics of how to manage this transition, plan for various eventualities and set you up for success. We assist organisations in creating a high performing, flexible working culture and operation; future proofing your talent pipeline, encouraging diversity and inclusivity at all levels, ensuring that you are an employer of choice achieving exceptional business results. We do this through reviewing and implementing flexible working strategies and processes, organisational design, bespoke training and development programmes and offering specialist job share coaching for current or prospective job sharers, their line managers, teams and relevant stakeholders as necessary.

Our mission and passion is to make job sharing accessible for all. In seeking flexibility, too often, too many are forced into part time work purely because they can’t adhere to a Monday-Friday 9am-5pm pattern. Job sharing disrupts the cycle of being overqualified and underpaid - enabling individuals seeking flexibility to retain a senior role of interest, challenge and responsibility whilst giving employers access to a pool of exceptional untapped talent. We are really excited to support you on your journey to job share success.

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