Find Out How To Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Without Them Knowing

Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages

These days, almost everyone uses WhatsApp to chat and connect with friends, family, and business associates. Currently, it’s the most popular mobile messenger app with over 2 billion users around the world. In an age where humans are more likely to chat via a messaging app than talk on the phone, WhatsApp is like the ultimate vault for storing private conversations.

If you wish to find out anything about someone, there’s a good chance you’ll find it on WhatsApp. But how do you read people’s WhatsApp chats without getting caught? In this article, you’ll learn how to read someones WhatsApp messages without them knowing.

Spy On Someone’s WhatsApp Messages With mSpy 


mSpy is one of many spy software that helps you keep tab on someone remotely. With this app installed on the target phone, you can easily track the person’s WhatsApp messages. mSpy works remotely, so you never have to worry about the person finding out. It’s a paid app but is one of the most affordable spy apps if you consider its over 30 amazing features that makes spying on people look like a piece of cake.

With mSpy running on the target’s phone, you’ll be able to monitor the person’s WhatsApp chats complete with timestamps. You can also view media files. So if your partner is sexting with another person on WhatsApp, mSpy will show you. 

Apart from hacking WhatsApp, mSpy can hack other messenger apps like Facebook messenger, Skype, and Snapchat. It can also hack Instagram, Twitter, and email accounts. If you wish to take the spying to another level, you have mSpy’s GPS location feature to give you the target’s location history.

There’s also a keylogger app that records everything the target types on their phone. The keylogger feature is complemented by a keyword alert feature that lets you know when specific keywords are typed on the target’s phone. For example, if you’re keeping tabs on your partner to see if they are cheating, you might set specific trigger keywords like “sex”, “hotel”, “I love you”, or “baby”. If your partner types any of those words, you’ll get a keyword alert from mSpy. If you want to know how to hack into someone’s WhatsApp, mSpy is the app for you.

How To Hack Someone’s WhatsApp Without Access To Their Phone With Restoring Apps 


Looking for more options on how to hack someones WhatsApp without access to their phone? You may want to try a phone recovery app. This method is originally designed to recover deleted text messages from a phone. So if you suspect your target may have deleted some of the information you need, this method is a good way to retrieve them. Depending on the kind of phone you’re using, the app may need root access which might compromise the phone’s security. 

Also, restoring apps are quite expensive so you may want to consider your choice wisely. If you do decide to get on with it, here’s how to hack into someones WhatsApp using restoring apps. 

  • Turn on airplane mode. This helps to prevent the phone from receiving new data that will override the deleted texts. 
  • Download and install a recovery software on your PC. 
  • Enable USB debugging to allow your PC and the target’s phone to communicate 
  • Run the recovering software and follow the instructions on your screen to hack into the target’s phone and retrieve the deleted WhatsApp chat. 

The method above is for Android and it requires you to have access to the target phone. Hence, you can’t hack into someone’s phone remotely using restoring apps. 

How To Hack Into Someone’s WhatsApp Using Chat Backup


WhatsApp usually backs up old chats to a user’s Google account. If you want to read people’s old WhatsApp messages, you need to recover the backup chats. This is pretty straightforward. You need to have access to the owner’s device. Delete their WhatsApp and redownload it. It will give you the option to recover the user’s backup chats. Choose the backup and put in the user’s mobile number to complete the installation.

Once the backup chats are ready, you should be able to read the person’s old WhatsApp chats. This method needs you to have physical access to the target’s phone. You should also know that the target is going to find out you deleted and re-installed their WhatsApp. So if you’re hoping to do this without raising any eyebrows, this is probably not the best option for you. 

Final Thoughts

To download mSpy and get it to spy on someone’s WhatsApp chats, simply head over to the app’s website to register and pay for a subscription plan. Once you’re done, you will receive a mail with a link to download mSpy and instructions on how to install it. You’ll need physical access to the target’s phone to install the app. It is probably the most challenging part of using mSpy. But you can always cross that hurdle by grabbing the target’s phone when they are sleeping or not paying attention.

Once you’ve managed to install mSpy, you should be able to monitor the target through mSpy’s control panel on your phone. mSpy is available on iPhone and Android and doesn’t require root access to install. If you ever need a %100 reliable way to spy on someone, mSpy is the best option out there. 

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