How to See Who Someone Is Talking to on Facebook Messenger?


So, your kids, employees, or loved ones have become increasingly fixated on Facebook Messenger lately. You can see their eyes dancing when they get Messenger alerts. And you probably don’t expect them to give you an honest response or let you see the chats when you ask them.

If they’ve been behaving suspiciously all the while, you might need to take the initiative and learn how to hack Facebook Messenger. 

However, Facebook Messenger has one of the tightest user privacy measures. That’s why it’s quickly become the go-to platform where people hold all kinds of conversations, from business-related to flirting and even deceitful ones.  

So, how can you tell when your loved ones or people under your supervision indulge in unbecoming conversations on Messenger? There are many methods out there, but each comes with limitations that prevent everyday people from using them. 

In the following sections, we’ll show the easiest yet most efficient methods of how to hack someone’s Facebook Messenger and reveal all your doubts.

How Do I Know Who My Husband/Wife Is Talking to in a Secret Chat Room?

Facebook allows users to determine who sees which aspect of their activities. A cheating spouse can choose to chat with someone in secret rooms behind your back. You can never learn how to tell if someone is chatting on Facebook Messenger just by checking up on them with your Facebook account. At best, you can only see what she wants you to see – her status, online presence, or friends list.

However, with some tips and tricks for how to hack a Facebook Messenger account, you can connect the dots and figure out exactly who your spouse is chatting with in secret.

Check Who Is Online With Them

Our first method of how to hack someone’s Facebook Messenger for free might is a sketchy one. But it’s easier than the more complex techniques we’ll be recommending next. What you need is to check which of her friends are online when she’s online. 

A green dot will light up on her profile picture and those of her friends whenever they’re online.

You can learn how to tell who someone is talking to on Facebook Messenger if you can figure out a contact who’s always showing up and going off at the same time your target does – especially if it’s someone from the opposite sex. 

Use a Keylogger

Here’s a more complex way of how to hack the Facebook Messenger app, but it’s also more efficient. With a keylogger, you can obtain your spouse’s Facebook credentials and check up on their secret chats from your device. You can try either a standalone keylogger or one that comes in a spy app (more on that below). 

Once installed, the keylogger records every key pressed on the phone and presents them in an analysis-friendly report. Some keyloggers tell you explicitly what your target is talking about on Messenger by showing you which keypresses are related to Facebook activities. 

That way, you can easily learn how to hack someone’s Messenger on Facebook by discovering their Facebook credentials. You can then use the credentials on your phone to check who your spouse is chatting with in secret. 

Apply Social Engineering

Another way to learn how to hack a Facebook Messenger is through social engineering techniques. These include techniques like phishing, password guessing, and password recovery. With phishing, you can create a fake Facebook login site and lure your spouse into using it. You can collect their credentials from the instance they log into their account from there. 

Phishing requires steep technical skills, or you’ll need to hire a phishing professional. If you have neither the skills nor the funds, you can try the password guessing method. Try different combinations of figures related to anything about them. Throw in every figure you can think of, from their phone number to those of their friends and family, addresses of people they know, numbers from their favorite shows, etc. 

You can also let a software have it. A brute force hacking software will try every possible combination of numbers and letters until it cracks the code. It might take days, months, or even years, though. There are no guarantees.

How to Tell If Someone Is Chatting on Facebook Messenger?


Now, let’s discuss more easy Facebook messages spy techniques. These methods don’t involve snooping around others’ phones now and then. You’ll be using stealth software to learn different ways of how to hack into Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Message Spy

Here’s our no.1 recommendation: free spy apps for Facebook Messenger. With Facebook spy apps, you can learn how to see someone’s Facebook completely from a remote device without ever giving them the slightest clue.

You can learn how to know if they’re using secret conversations, private messages, group messages, profile updates, shared files, etc., to communicate with their secret lover. Depending on the quality of the software, you can get in-depth reports on each of these activities. 

When checking chats, you can see the content as well as the time and date stamps and the full identities of the sender/receivers. 

You’ll get full details of even hidden or deleted messages. That’s because the app copies Facebook messages the moment they’re recorded on the phone. What that, you’ll be able to access the messages on the app, even if they’re deleted or hidden on the target phone.

Parental Control Applications

Parental control applications take Facebook tracking a step further by allowing you to impose your decisions on your target. You can control what they do on their Facebook from a remote device. 

Not only can you learn how to know who your friend is chatting with on Facebook, but you can also delete their messages or block certain contacts on their list. You can also prevent your kids from accessing certain contents or pages on Facebook. 

If they’re your employees, you can prevent them from using Facebook Messenger during working hours.

Best Facebook Messenger Spy Apps in 2024

Excited about the possibility of using Facebook Messenger spy apps to keep track of people around you? Here are our best picks. They can help you get the job done easily.


eyezy facebook tracker

Our next pick is Eyezy, one of the most powerful parental control apps out there today. Eyezy gives you full control over your target’s Facebook activities. And you don’t even need to babysit your targets to keep track of them. With the app’s Magic Alert feature, you’ll only need to intervene when they mention suspicious words or phrases in their conversations. 

You can predetermine these suspicious words or phrases, and then the app will simply send you notifications the instance these words come up in any of their activities. 


mspy facebook

mSpy gives you a full picture of your target’s Facebook activities. It’s loaded with lots of Facebook tracking tools, which are all easily accessible on your dashboard. 

You can set it up with just a few breezy steps. No need for complex technical procedures like rooting or jailbreaking, unlike most other spy apps. After installing, you can log into its neat, well-categorized user dashboard to learn how to see who someone is talking to on Facebook Messenger.

Besides using the Facebook tracker, you can learn how to check your boyfriend’s Facebook messages using the app’s remote screenshots and keylogger. The remote screenshot is also another way of how to find someone on Messenger without Facebook – you can just use your device to take remote screenshots of the information you need.

mSpy also shows you how to tell if someone is on a Facebook call by letting you access their Facebook call log.


XNSPY is another well-rounded Facebook monitoring app. It comes with features for Facebook spying as well as parental control. With XNSPY, you can learn how to tell if someone has used secret conversations on Messenger. You can prevent them from engaging in suspicious conversations by blocking certain friends remotely.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Caught!

One of the main reasons why mSpy is our top recommendation is its stealth operations. With its highly advanced, lightweight algorithm, it can operate round the clock from deep inside the target phone without your target ever finding out who’s spying on my Facebook. 

Your target won’t find any suspicious app icons anywhere on their phone, from their home screen to their app drawer. Also, the app will not draw down on the phone’s battery power or consume any noticeable amount of data or memory space. 

Once you choose to hide the mSpy icon on the target phone, you learn how to hack someone’s Facebook Messenger on an iPhone or Android using an invisible app.


That’s it, folks. Learning how to see who someone is texting can be that easy. Facebook is one of the most secure messaging platforms on the planet. But you don’t need to possess complex technical skills to learn how to see chat history on Facebook of others. 

We’ve done the groundwork in finding easy, reliable solutions. All you have to do is download and install the spy app in a few easy steps. Afterward, you can sit back and enjoy stealth, remote coverage of your target’s Facebook activities. 

With a top-notch Messenger tracker like mSpy, you’ll get to see full details of their texts, friend’s list, shared multimedia files, plus more.

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