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How do I become a business partner of Roleshare?

We're looking for business partners who can help us in our mission to enable a sustainable workforce.

Are you any of the below?
- A company looking to help existing employee find job share partners.
- A company looking to retain employees who want or need flexibility in their demanding roles.
- A company looking to open full-time roles to roleshare partners to diversify the talent pool.
- A company that advises and consults other companies on how to operationalize flexible working.
- A company that offers enterprise technology services for workforce management and communication.

If "yes," - we'd love to have you as part of village of movers and shakers. Let's talk pronto monto - email us team@roleshare.com.It should not. Job sharing is like a microteam based on complimentary strengths and expertise areas. There is no need for duplication. No need to do individual one-to-ones, partners should be reviewed together, and review each other. They need to be clear on areas of expertise and ownership with themselves, the greater team, customers, vendors, etc. - but each can stand in for the other. See the Roleshare Guide for the Operational Model and Working Principles example.