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How do I delete an existing email template?

To delete an email template:

  1. Click the company logo on the top right side of the page to open the menu

  2. Select “Status management“ from the menu

  3. This will take you to the Status Management page where you can see a list of your Organization fit statuses and your Application statuses.

  4. Scroll to the status card for the Organization fit statuses or application statuses that is associated with the email you want to delete

  5. Towards the right side of the card is a button that shows you the number of email templates associated with the status in question.

  6. Click the button and a pop-up will appear showing your first template

  7. Select the template you want to delete from the dropdown at the top left of the pop-up under “Email templates“

  8. Press the “delete“ button and then confirm your selection by pressing “yes, delete this template.”

  9. Once the template has been deleted successfully, click the cross icon at the top left to close the pop-up.