How do I split a role?

Do what works for you and your partner.

There are different ways to split the role. We recommend you follow the Roleshare Guide - Ideation Phase to determine how you might split a role with various matches.

Step 1: Select 1-2 roles you would both love to share.
Step 2: Assign your initials to parts of the job description based on your individual strengths, skills, experiences.
Step 3: Discuss how you might split roles where there is crossover (mirror skills).
Step 4: Discuss how you might split roles where there are unique skills (complementary skills).
Step 5: This was your first roleshare exercise. Discuss how you feel it went together and reflect on it separately.

Some people split roles - like for like (mirror), others are pure complementary but can step in each other's shoes as needed, others do a hybrid. We've interview role sharers who split the role based on "front of the house" and "back of the house." One person might prefer to be customer-facing and the other prefer planning and reporting. We've seen professionals split roles like for like but with unique customer portfolios and geographies.

No two rolesharing arrangements are the same - it's whatever works for the microteam and their unique strengths, skills, experiences, and shared vision for the role.