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How do you interview job sharers?

Easy! Same as any other role.

The pairs should be advised to come armed with a shared idea of their joint operational model, values and execution strategies.

Most job sharers live by the unwritten rule that if one person isn’t offered the job the other is free to continue with the opportunity.

And on the Roleshare platform, pairs can make it clear if they will only accept a role together or if they're flexible.

A. If sharers applied together:

  • Interview the sharers together initially.
  • And also individually as part of your normal
    interview loop.

B. If the company is hiring a half role to share with an existing employee:

  • Interview the new candidates individually as part of a normal interview loop.
  • Do include a joint interview for final candidates and
    the existing employee.
C. If the company is pairing new individual applicants for a sharing arrangement:
  • Interview individually.
  • Give sharers a chance to chemistry check.
  • Interview jointly