I don't feel like my company really see the value of flexible work?

Here are some business benefits you can share with them.

Sorry to hear that. The good news is there are many reports and studies that enumerate the financial benefits of flexible working. Here are just a few!

  1. Less presenteeism, absenteeism, turnover - all of which cost the UK government. According to Deloitte Mental Health and Employers: The Case for Investment, Absence, presenteeism, and turn over costs UK employers £33bn-£42bn each year.
  2. Strengths-based - Working flexibly allows individuals to play to their strengths which drives more productivity. (Source: HR Director)
  3. According to the UK Department for Business Innovation & Skills, there are bucket-loads more benefits for companies:
    • Improved corporate reputation
    • Improved recruitment leading to higher calibre staff and/or fewer unfilled vacancies
    • Improved retention rates
    • Reduced absenteeism and sick leave
    • Improved customer service, more flexible or longer operating hours
    • Improved productivity or performance
    • Lower salary requirements
    • Lower office space and energy costs
    • Improved job satisfaction, motivation, engagement or commitment/loyalty
    • Reduction or mitigation of the effects of practices such as long working hours, presenteeism or work intensification
  4. But let me stop here - See the Roleshare Guide for the 8 Benefits of Shared Roles.