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I want to assign a role to another admin or myself, how can I do that?

Easy, you can assign roles to yourself or other business admins.

You’ve set up the Roleshare company account, added your company roles and invited members of your team to the Roleshare company account as admins.

But how do you and your team members keep track of who is responsible for which role?

  1. Click on “My Roles“ in the sidebar to go to the Roles page with all your company roles.

  2. On the left side of each role card you will be able to see a dropdown called “role assignee“

  3. Simply lick the dropdown and select the company admin you want to assign a particular role to

  4. You can also assign a role to yourself.

  5. Simply click “add self“ underneath the role assignee dropdown or pick your name from the dropdown.