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What is a talent card?

A talent card provides summarized information about a talent to company admins.

A standard talent card will have information on the left hand side of the card including:

  • the talent’s name,

  • their profile picture (if the business account is connected with the talent),

  • the job function,

  • current industry,

  • job level, and,

  • the talent’s current location.

On the right side of the talent card, there is:

  • an option to change the organizational fit status of the talent,

  • a connect button to send a connection request to the talent,

  • a heart button to add a talent to your favorites,

  • a notes icon that allows you to leave notes linked to the talent for yourself or other members of your team, and,

  • a plus icon to allow you to invite a user to apply for a company posted role.

The standard talent card remains the same no matter what page you are on, but it may have different add-on features based on the page it is present on.