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What is an application card?

An application card is a card signifying a single or a joint application.

A single application has one talent associated with the application card, while a joint application has two talents associated with an application.

Application cards can be found in two places:

  • Applicants option in the sidebar

  • On Role pages

In the first section, you will find talent cards associated with the application, which have the same functionality as all talent cards. You can see information on the talent(s) associated with the application, change their “organizational fit status“ and leave notes on individual talent(s).

At the bottom left of the second section of the Application card, you can see the title of the role, the “view application“ button to take you to the application, and the date the user(s) applied for the role. On the bottom right of this section, you will find the “application status“ where you can select the status of the application from the dropdown, and the notes icon to store any notes related to the application.