Why aren't more employees doing job share if companies offer the perk?

They will be soon!

Ah yes. Here are a few of the reasons:

  1. Rolemodeling - It's important companies encourage their leaders to embrace these working models, and support their own leaders who need this type of flexibility. Employees may not feel comfortable asking for this working model if they don't see their leaders showing by example.
  2. Line Manager - Heard of the saying "people join good companies, and leave bad managers." Same applies to flexible working. Line managers are either the supporters or blockers to such working models. It's important companies provide resources and reward managers who support the needs of their diverse team members.
  3. Internal Communication - Companies may offer perks and certain benefits, but unless they clearly communicate and shout about them enthusiastically, employees who want to work this way may feel "alone" and lack the confidence to bring it up.
  4. Window Dressing vs. Real Purpose - Some companies talk about flexibility and wellbeing, but it's just window dressing, a checkbox. Others, actually execute on proactive programs because they understand the productivity and diversity advantage of such working models. It just depends on the company!