Why have I not heard of rolesharing / job sharing before?

Now is the time for job sharing.

2001 was when job share was at its peak with over 26% of companies offering it as a perk (Source: inc.com), today 9% of companies in the US offer it as a benefit (source: Society of Human Resources Management).

Typical job share arrangements have been lucky matches between people in the same company, with the same need for flexibility, and complementary skills - not scalable. It's a perk that was ahead of its time.

Today, approximately 40% of Fortune 100 top companies offer job share as a company perk, but only 0-3% of employees do it. Roleshare interviewed 26 Directors and VPs of HR about job sharing - 62% felt it is too difficult to set up, but 57% said they would use a service that helps set it up.

To scale and sustain such a flexible arrangement, companies need the support of HR and enterprise communications technology, which did not exist in 2001.

Now is the time.