10 company problems solved with job share.

10 company problems solved with job share.

When a roleshare is a good match and the roleshare is designed properly, it’s companies that also stand to gain. Over a period of 12 months, Roleshare conducted qualitative interviews of senior jobsharers, HR professionals, and managers as part of customer development research. Job share started to paint itself as an economically sound working model that serves the operation needs of both companies and talent, but also lends itself to social impact. Read more below.



Lessen productivity loss 

Jobshare teams bring more skills to a role, and are able to take on and deliver more projects together.


Decrease discontinuity

When one person is away - the role is covered and productivity continuous. It’s also a way to insure and retain utility skills.


Solve skills shortage

Built-in coaching within the jobshare naturally expands skills.


Don’t miss out on talent 

Opening full-time roles to talent looking for part time attracts talent who otherwise might not apply for full-time roles.


Reduce inequality

Opening roles to part-time preferences, also draws on talent with diverse circumstances and interests. 


Eliminate stagnation

Diversity is proven to drive innovation. Innovation could add £150 billion/yr. to the UK economy by 2025. Source: McKinsey & Forbes Insights


Correct inefficiencies

People sharing roles hold each other accountable regularly, and perform at higher individual standards. 


Reduce turnover

Flexibility drives engagement and wellbeing reducing to turnover by 87%. Source: cipd.co.uk


Reduce unemployment

During market downturns, opening roles to Roleshare means more roles to go around and less unemployment.


Lower talent acquisition costs

People looking to share roles make motivated recruiters.


About Roleshare

At Roleshare, our goal is to enable a sustainable workforce, where people and companies get more from roles, and where full-time balance in work and life is normal. We match professionals together for shared roles.

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