Marketing Managers choose the right path with job sharing

Marketing Managers choose the right path with job sharing



Industry: Marketing

Roleshare: Marketing Manager

"I can honestly say it's one of the best decisions I've been involved in when it comes to recruitment and talent."

- Tom Hall, Founder of Contented Brothers.

Jessica Williams-Chadwick and Charlotte Gorringe share the role of Marketing Manager at Contented Brothers, a content marketing agency. 

What has sharing a role helped enabled in your personal life and at work?

Jessica - I have learnt so much from Charlotte and working together makes decision-making a breeze. When we first started it was a new role so there were a lot of things to work through, but having Charlotte by my side made it so easy. In my personal life, firstly I’ve made a friend, which I was wary of at first but has made the whole experience so much better. Secondly, having someone so flexible and supportive around has meant I can organize things around work.

Charlotte - My first experience of a job share and I couldn't be more fortunate to team up with Jess. She has my back, she challenges me, she's a friend as well as a work colleague, we can work through work problems or opportunities together, and it is so much more fun than if I was on my own.

What has it brought to your greater team, manager, organization, stakeholders?

We think it has brought greater diversity which means a stronger team.

What has it done for your performance at work and how does it compare to previous roles you’ve had?

Our performance has been strong so far, even through the events of 2020, as we only started just before Christmas! In previous roles I (Jessica) felt much more stressed as it was all on me, all the decisions, last-minute requests, queries from superiors etc., but now we spread these between us depending on who has more bandwidth and it works really well.

How did you secure and set up your job share? 

When I (Jessica) applied for the job, it was advertised as flexible and part-time. After the interview, Contented Brothers contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in a job share. This is something that I had been looking into after being made redundant last year, so I didn’t hesitate in saying yes.

This is what Tom Hall, founder of Contented Brothers and who oversaw the hiring process, has to say, “We found two people, both of whom we fell in love with and couldn't choose between so in keeping with new approaches to work we sat down with them asked if they would consider a job share. There was then a slightly awkward but ultimately very productive introduction process. I can honestly say it's one of the best decisions that I've been involved in when it comes to recruitment and talent.”

What do you do to make your roleshare successful?

We are big believers in communication and being transparent. We talk through all major decisions and make sure that we are both happy with the outcome. We know each other well enough to realize when things aren’t working and to work at it until everyone is happy. We also trust each other with the smaller decisions while still holding each other accountable. It works really well!

How do you handle your personal growth?

I (Jessica) feel like I am growing just by working with Charlotte. We have quite different yet complementary skill sets. I think this is why Contented Brothers wanted both of us, and it has worked out well for all involved. Being in a job share also gives me more time - and headspace - to focus on myself, whether that’s physical for exercise or eating better, or practically to drop the kids off at school, or mentally to spend time with my friends, learning and reading or even doing nothing.

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