Don't Choose Between The Best Talent - Get Both.

Don't Choose Between The Best Talent - Get Both.

E8 S2 - Talk Roleshare Podcast

"My performance working in a roleshare - I step it up, because I’ve got  accountability I’ve not really had before at the micro level. It forces me to keep that momentum, energy, and keep the performance up."
-Sherelle Folkes and Nichola Johnson-Marshall, Sr PR Leader, at Open Banking.

Imagine you’re looking to fill a PR leadership role and you see this CV land. Sr Reporter at Newsquest, Sr. PR Manager at eBay, Chief Reporter at Clarke White Publishing, Editor at Mobile News, Global Head of Communications at Cobra Group, Director of PR at Bryden Wood, Director of External Communications at, Director of Communications at LinkedIn. We’re talking about nearly 40 years experience, it would be very difficult to find this level of targeted expertise in a single individual. So, is this too good to be true? No! It’s a roleshare. Meet Sherelle Folkes and Nichola Johnson-Marshall sharing the Sr PR leadership role at Open Banking.

The chemistry and the energy that exudes from this partnership, the perspective and balance they bring to the role, and the power of their combined strengths and experiences is awesome in every meaning of the word. They, and Open Banking, are both fortunate in this working arrangement. Listen to this episode of Talk Roleshare.
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