8 benefits of job sharing.

8 benefits of job sharing.

Some industries have embraced the sharing career model - job share or roleshare - for many decades, i.e. government, education, healthcare. Diversity, wellbeing, future skilling are rising up the list of priorities for a growing number of companies. As a result, companies are now having to explore new ways of working. 

Over a period of 12 months, Roleshare conducted qualitative interviews of senior jobsharers, HR leaders, and people managers as part of the Talk Roleshare podcast. Sharing skills to get work done certainly benefits the employees, but it's companies who stand to gain in equal or greater measure. Here are eight reasons why:


More skills + increased output
Skills + Increased Output
Jobshare teams bring more skills to a role, and are able to take on and deliver more projects together. They often work 1.2x days typically allocated for a role. 

Greater coverage + continuity 
Coverage + Continuity

When one person is away - the role is covered and productivity continuous. It’s also a way to insure and retain utility skills.

Expansion of skills
Upskilling + Reskilling

Built-in coaching within the jobshare naturally expands skills via knowledge transfer. Faster onboarding in the case of a half role share.

Increase engagement + retention
Retention & Engagement
Flexible workers are more likely to be engaged, which can reduce staff turnover by 87%. (Source: cipd.co.uk) 

More diversity to drive innovation
Innovation + Diversity
Sharing a role brings diversity of thought in roles that are normally singular. Diverse teams are 6x more innovative (Source: Deloitte). Greater diversity could add Β£150 billion a year to the UK economy by 2025. Diversity drives innovation. (Source: McKinsey & Forbes Insights)

Self-managed microteams
Quality + Self-Management
People in a roleshare hold each other accountable on performance through regular communication and handovers. Performing at higher individual standards. 

Expand your talent pool
Expand the Talent Pool
Offering shared roles as a working model opens typical full-time roles to highly qualified talent looking for part time (who otherwise might not apply).

No salary-based commissions
No Recruiting Fees
Employees looking to share their existing role make motivated recruiters - minus the fee!

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