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8 Benefits of Sharing a Role

See why combining skills and experiences for shared roles is a win-win for companies and employees.

by the Roleshare Team

Sharing a role has been around for ages, some industries have really embraced the  jobshare career model like government, teaching, health and medicine. The good news is, the fifth industrial revolution has already started and this one is all about connecting back to our values and humanity. Career flexibility is at the core of that. So more companies are now having to explore new working models that appeal to workforce expectations. Shared roles and job share are a win-win for employees and employers. Here are 8 good reason to share a role:

  1. Skills + Increased Output - More skills for the role, concentrated energy, and the ability to take on and deliver more projects.
  2. Coverage + Continuity - If one person is ill, or goes on leave, the other is still there to carry on being productive.
  3. Up + Re-Skilling - Built in coaching and expansion of utility skills. Faster onboarding in the case of a half role share.
  4. Retention & Engagement - Flexible workers are more likely to be engaged, which can reduce staff turnover by 87%. (Source: cipd.co.uk)
  5. Innovation + Diversity - Greater diversity could add £150 billion a year to the UK economy by 2025. Diversity drives innovation. (Source: McKinsey & Forbes Insights)
  6. Quality + Self-Management - People in a roleshare hold each other accountable on performance through regular communication and handovers.
  7. Expand the Talent Pool - Offering shared roles as a working model opens typical full-time roles to highly qualified talent looking for part time.
  8. No Recruiting Fees - Employees looking to share their existing role make motivated recruiters - minus the fee!

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