How do you job share and how does it work?

How do you job share and how does it work?

There are a few different ways that job shares can work, but the most common way is for two people to share the responsibilities of one full-time job. This means that each person works half of the week, and the two employees share or split the duties between them, for example, a pair might share a portfolio of customers. Naturally, one employee might be stronger in reporting and analytics and the other stronger in sales perhaps. They each work three days a week and alternate who handles which aspects of the role on which day, but both are able to cover the full portfolio of customers to ensure seamlessness and business momentum, for example.

Job sharing can be an excellent way to improve work-life balance, as it allows employees to have more time off while still being able to earn a full-time salary. It can also be a good way to retain employees who might otherwise leave their job due to burnout or other reasons. And, because each employee is only working half-time, it can be a more cost-effective solution for employers than hiring two full-time employees.

There are some challenges that come with job sharing, however. For example, it can be difficult to find two employees who are compatible and who work well together.

At Roleshare our platform helps companies retain and attract women and diverse talent  looking for part-time roles in marketing or HR, or part-time roles in finance and professional services, by matching them to share mid to senior full-time jobs in medium to large companies..

Once you’ve connected with matches on Roleshare you may want to have a few discussions before applying and interviewing for job share roles together. We suggest you follow Roleshare's 5-step guide to job sharing - it's full of useful tips and templates to help you figure our how you might actually share a job.

Download the template below for checklists and tips for each step of DIPPI:

Discovery - Get to know your potential roleshare partner. (page 2)

Ideation - If you had a good discovery session, time to talk about how you might split a few role examples based on strengths and experience. (page 3)

Plan - If you click with a match and would like to proceed in applying for roles together, put a Roleshare Plantogether with your joint proposition, joint experience, operational plan, and working principles. (pages 4, 8-12)

Pitch (or Apply) - Once your plan is ready to go, pitch the roleshare working model to your stakeholders to share your own role, or apply for roles. (page 5-6).

Interview - Well done - you have an interview. Go get them! (page 7)

You may also leverage the  Let's Roleshare - Pitch template.

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