How does a job share work?

How does a job share work?

There are a few different ways that job shares can work, but the most common way is for two people sharing the responsibilities of one full-time job. This means that each person would work part-time hours, but would be responsible for the same duties as if they were working full-time. The two employees would typically split the hours between them, so that one person would work the first half of the week and the other person would work the second half. This arrangement can be flexible, though, so that each person can choose which days they want to work.

How they share the job varies depending on the business needs and the agreement between the employees, but usually each person takes on specific tasks or responsibilities. For example, one person might handle customer service while the other handles sales. Or, one person might work in the office during the week and the other person works from home.

There are many benefits to job sharing, for both employees and employers. Employees appreciate greater balance and wellbeing, while still being able to grow their careers and being part of a team. Employers can save money by retaining valued employees, and they may discover that "unicorn" talent for their open positions by bringing multiple people together. Businesses can also see an uptick in productivity as two people with diverse ideas and perspectives work together and learn from each other.

Although job sharing has many advantages, there are a few challenges that need to be considered before beginning the job. The first obstacle is finding two people who work well together and are compatible. The second challenge is that each person needs to be willing to put in the extra effort to make sure that communication is clear and that both people are on the same page.

If you're considering starting a job share, talk to your employer about what's possible and see if there's someone at work who would be interested in sharing the job with you. You can also search for a partner on If you want your next job to be a job share, look for postings on Roleshare as well.

With a little bit of planning, a job share can be a great way to create a more balanced and enjoyable work life.

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Receive examples of job share CVs and resumes, practical tips of how to job share, and  how to set up a job share. Plus, follow Roleshare's simple 5 steps to job sharing:

Discovery - Connect with talent on Roleshare and get to know potential job share partners in  a virtual discovery session

Ideation - If you had a good discovery session, time to talk about how you might split relevant job descriptions based on strengths and experience. 

Plan - When you click with a partner put a Roleshare Plan together ageeing to your operational plan and working principles.

Pitch or Apply - Once your plan is ready to go, pitch job sharing to your manager and HR to share your own role, or apply to shareable jobs on Roleshare. 

Interview - Well done - you have an interview. Go get them! 

And if you'd like your company or manager to learn more about job sharing have them download Roleshare's free employer guide "Job Share as Strategy."

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