How does a job share work?

How does a job share work?

by the Roleshare Team

At Roleshare we match people who want to share a role. Once you’ve connected with matches you may want to have a few discussions before applying and interviewing for job share roles together. We suggest you follow the Roleshare DIPPI Guide (or any other credible jobshare guide).

Download the template below for checklists and tips for each step of DIPPI:

Discovery - Get to know your potential roleshare partner. (page 2)

Ideation - If you had a good discovery session, time to talk about how you might split a few role examples based on strengths and experience. (page 3)

Plan - If you click with a match and would like to proceed in applying for roles together, put a Roleshare Plantogether with your joint proposition, joint experience, operational plan, and working principles. (pages 4, 8-12)

Pitch (or Apply) - Once your plan is ready to go, pitch the roleshare working model to your stakeholders to share your own role, or apply for roles. (page 5-6).

Interview - Well done - you have an interview. Go get them! (page 7)

You may also leverage the  Let's Roleshare - Pitch template.

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