How to pitch a job share to my company and manager?

How to pitch a job share to my company and manager?

You may find that your manager is open to the idea of job sharing if you can explain how it would benefit the company. For example, job sharing can lead to increased productivity and efficiency, as well as decreased absenteeism and turnover. You might also point out that job sharing can help attract and retain top talent. Finally, be sure to emphasize that you are willing to work closely with your co-sharer to make the arrangement a success.

We have spoken to numerous professionals who have both shared roles successfully and unsuccessfully in the past. The ones that succeeded all said that sharing was their most gratifying work experience. For example, Sherelle Folkes and Nichola Johnson-Marshall, co-Heads of External Communication at Open Banking, stated they learned a lot from observing each other's contrasting methods to problem solving. Additionally, Dr. Shelagh Muir and Jane Maciver, co-VP of Research at Unilever commented on how working together resulted in improved output quality.

Those whose job share wasn't successful, on the other hand, explain that it wasn't a suitable match and that the foundation of their relationship was not properly established.

So what does it take to have a successful job share? We've learned that getting the right partnership for a role, having a solid plan and groundwork at the start, and staying nimble are all crucial to effective collaboration. Roleshare's objective is to help professionals secure job share jobs in marketing, financial services, professional services, and more.

Here are the things you can do to put your best foot forward:

1. Create a profile on Roleshare.
2. Connect with professionals who want to job share - use the Roleshare Candidate Guide to help you plan your job share.

Next, which of these best describes you?

a. I want to find a new job share job? Co-apply for job share jobs with people your already know via Roleshare or with your new Roleshare connections. Be sure to have a job share plan handy for the interview.

b. I want to share my existing job? Pitch job sharing to your manager.

At Roleshare, we want to facilitate your success in presenting a job share to your company. We have therefore created a sample pitch presentations for you to use as templates.



Start with the Roleshare Candidate Guide  before building your Pitch.

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