Let's Roleshare - Pitch

Let's Roleshare - Pitch

by the Roleshare Team

Once you have a few solid roleshare matches and plans ready – it's time to pitch or apply to job share!

Do you want to share your existing role? If so, you'll need to PITCH your Roleshare Plan to your manager.

Do you want to share a new role? If so, you'll need to APPLY. Either way, you'll want to have a pitch presentation ready to present. What is the goal of the pitch presentation? To get your roleshare working model approved and going!

At Roleshare, we want to help you with this process and have designed an example of a Let's Roleshare - Pitch presentation you can use as inspiration and leverage as you present this model of working to your line manager, hiring manager, HR, etc.

Start with the Roleshare Guide and Plan  before building your Pitch.

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