What is Roleshare?

What is Roleshare?

We are in the fourth industrial revolution – roles are being replaced by technology - robotics, AI. However, the fifth industrial revolution already started, it’s all about connecting back to our values, communities...humanity. As humans we all have one thing in common - regardless of gender, race, income, geography, etc. We all have a finite 24-hours a day.

We can only modify how we spend it. Time is wealth.

THIS puts career flexibility at the core of human needs weather you’re a millennial careerist, working caregiver, or ageing worker. At the same time companies could potentially be amortal and have infinite time.

"At Roleshare, our mission is to enable a diverse and sustainable workforce, where companies and people get more from their roles. Where full-time balance in work and life is easy and normal – regardless of the reason. Roleshare helps people connect and combine  skills, strengths, and experiences for exciting and fulfilling shared roles and micro-teams. We are the smart matching site for shared roles."

And this career model works.

Roleshare interviewed managers and senior job sharers at Microsoft, Aviva, MasterCard, Boston Globe who said their micro-teams were seamless and in many cases more productive, more efficient, and better performers than individuals doing the same role alone.

So, in a world where roles are being replaced by technology and our time is finite. At Roleshare we want to leverage technology to augment people - their skills, output, and time - with other people to enable a sustainable workforce for the benefit of companies, communities, families, individuals.

We are Roleshare. Join us.


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