How do I use the Roleshare platform as a manager or HR?

How do I use the Roleshare platform as a manager or HR?

Roleshare is the perfect platform for employers looking to attract that "unicorn" talent or retain valued employees.

It's tough being a manager or leader these days. You need to find ways to keep your individual employees challenged, engaged, motivated, growing, feeling happy and belonging, working from anywhere...and if not, risk loosing them, lose them, replace them, all while driving productivity and achieving goals. When you put it it all in one sentence, it's a lot! It's no wonder so many leaders are also burning out.

There is a solution: Job sharing. But historically job sharing has been complex and time consuming to implement adhoc for companies.

A better solution: Job sharing with Roleshare.

And here is how it works.


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How to use Roleshare as a business

Roleshare makes it easy for  a business to:

  1. Attract a new category of talent seeking to job share (you can post three free roles)
  2. Retain employees through job sharing by matching them together or with Roleshare's own community of talent seeking to job share (contact Roleshare to learn more)

How to get started:

Post three free roles.

  1. Just sign up to Roleshare as a company or login
  2. Create a listing for the role you want to share
    Tip: Are you hiring one person to match with an existing employee? Specify you're looking for an "individual applicant" not "joint applicants "when posting the role. Ask your employee to also create a profile on Roleshare and to "heart" 💖 the job post.
  3. Connect with talent who match your role
  4. Review individual or joint applications via Roleshare
  5. Set up intreviews with the sharers - use our free employer guide to job sharing
  6. Hire job sharers!

If you have any questions about using Roleshare as an employer, please feel free to contact us. We're always happy to help!

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