How do you get started with job share?

How do you get started with job share?

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Sophie Smallwood, co-founder and co-CEO of Roleshare, shares three steps on how to get started on your job share journey.

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When you're ready use the Roleshare platform to find people to share a job with and jobs that are shareable. And it's completely free for talent to do that as well. 

  1. Create and complete your profile on Roleshare.
    If you already have a job share partner, skip to step 3.
  2. Find a job share partner and jobs to share (leverage our free guides to help you). 
  3. And co-apply for jobs you like together

We really hope this is useful for you and that it will inspire you think about job sharing as an option to achieve the work life balance you deserve!


Sophie Smallwood:

So, how do you get started to job share?

Three steps.

First a partner. Now, do you already know someone that you want to share your job with? If so, great, you can both come onto Roleshare. Create and complete your profiles. Use our toolkits and our guides to get started and think about how you might share a role and co-apply for jobs together. Done.

Now, if you don't have someone you already know, totally fine. Come on to Roleshare. Complete your profile (we'll then match you to people that we feel would be a good match for you.) Then you can connect, have a discovery session (again, leverage our toolkits that are guides to help you co-interview each other.) And then you can create a shortlist of people that you would be happy to share a job with. And from that point, really think about how you would maybe share a role. Where do your experiences and your strengths align and your skills, right? These are things that the interviewer or hiring manager, your line manager will want to know. And then co-apply for jobs together on the platform.

Now, if you already have a job that you would like to share, so maybe you're working full time you want to go to part time, sharing is a really good option. You can actually post your job yourself as a candidate on Roleshare for free and we'll then match you with people that we believe to be a good match for that role.


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