How does a job share manage a team?

How does a job share manage a team?

Annabelle Richards and Clare Freshwater-Turner are Co-Senior Finance Managers at Lloyds Banking Group. Not only have they been sharing a role for the last five years, but they also manage a job share on their team. Sharing in the benefits, responsibilities, and goals has enabled them to perform at a high standard on a part-time basis in a senior role, but together they've also received top performing accolades. We asked them...

"What is your approach with your team as co-leaders and how do you also manage a job share?"

Their approach is very much about:

  1. Consistent messaging and alignment.
  2. It's also about respecting the other person's decision, even if one would've done it differently.
  3. Regular open communication and feedback to trade best practices.
  4. Micro-communication through the week to keep aligned and sense checking.
  5. Succinct summary for handovers.

    As for the job share they manage jointly, they alternate their 1:2 with the team to ensure touchpoints and visibility, they also loop back once a month for a 2:2.

    Clare and Annabelle are also the founders of the Jobshare Coach - helping professionals get the most  success out of their job share.

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