How to write a winning job description: Tips for attracting top talent

How to write a winning job description: Tips for attracting top talent

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Attracting the best talent for your role begins with the job description.  

Dull, lengthy text that screams ‘copy and paste’ will have bright minds switching off before they get past the first paragraph. 

Here's our checklist for putting together a winning JD: 

  1. Include a salary range. This is the first thing most candidates will look for. Being transparent will attract the right people for the role. 

  2. State whether the role is on-site, hybrid or remote. This is the next thing candidates will check. If you’re hybrid make it clear what the expectation is.  

  3.  Use a compelling but simple job title that accurately reflects the position. 

  4.  Skip the ‘About us’. Candidates will either already know about you or go and do role.

  5. Summarize what the role holder will be responsible for and how it feeds into the wider picture for the company.  

  6. Give a brief outline of what the role holder will be expected to do each day. 

  7. Really shout about all the benefits you can offer.  

  8. Keep it relatively short and don’t over complicate it. 

  9. Make it clear which flexible working options you offer for the role including if you are open to job sharing. You will attract a more diverse talent pool by making this clear up front.  

  10. Include an application deadline so candidates can plan getting a great submission over to you.

  11.  Outline how the interview process will work including how many stages there are and what will be expected at each stage.

  12.  Include the name/s of the hiring manager/line manager to give candidates a chance to do their research. 

By following these tips, you can create a job description that will capture the attention of the best candidates and help you find the right fit for your company. 

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