Job share: the key to an equitable society

Job share: the key to an equitable society

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If we want to create an equitable society and workplace, job share is indispensable. People and businesses benefit from professional collaboration in ways that can't be overstated. In an increasingly competitive environment, both employees and businesses value a diverse workforce. Innovation is crucial to business success - and that takes diverse perspectives.

Job share, when two or more people share the responsibilities of one role, has become an increasingly popular way to share prespectives and divide up the workweek among employees. It can be especially helpful for parents who need to balance work with childcare, but it is also a flexible arrangement that can benefit everyone. For example, if you have a health condition that makes full-time work difficult, or you're going back to school, or want to spend time working on you and outside interests, job sharing can allow you to stay in the workforce.

Job sharing allows companies to retain top talent that might otherwise leave the organization in exchange for flexibility, or if they stay regardless, whose performance might suffer. It also provides a way for employees to stay engaged and challenged in their roles, without needing to put their lives on hold.

There are many advantages to job sharing for both employees and employers. Job sharing can lead to:

- Increased creativity and productivity: Employees have more time to recharge, which leads to increased focus and energy when they are at work.

- Improved work/life balance: Job sharers often report feeling less stressed and more satisfied with their work/life balance.

- Reduced absenteeism and turover: Job sharing can help retain top talent who might otherwise leave to pursue other interests or start a family.

- Increased diversity: Job sharing can increase diversity in the workplace by making it possible for people from different backgrounds to share a role.

"Regrettable churn isn't a pain companies should tolerate" says Sophie Smallwood, co-Founder of Roleshare, a matching platform helping companies retain and attract talent through job share. "If a performing employee leaves in exchange for flexiblity, the company, their line manager, has failed and it is truly regrettable."

Job sharing is a win-win arrangement that can benefit both employees and employers. In order for job sharing to be successful, it is important to have a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of each employee. There should also be open communication between the employees and their managers. Finally, it is essential to have a plan in place for how job sharers will cover for each other when one person is out of the office and that there is sufficient overlap between their working hours.

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