Jobshare & Order - A Detective Story

Jobshare & Order - A Detective Story

E7 S2 - Talk Roleshare Podcast

"Our role was quite strategic. It included difficult conversations - we were liaising with legal teams, media, public advocacy groups, members of the public, MPs."
- Ellie Pyemont, previously Detective (jobshare) on a high profile inquiry at London Metropolitan Police.

When you think male dominated industries, what do you think about? Well, imagine being a woman, a mother, make that a mother of twins who needs career flexibility, as a detective in the metropolitan police. That was Ellie Pyemont. Ellie served as a detective jobshare on a public inquiry about Undercover Policing. Today Ellie is the Head of Membership and Operations at The Associated Retirement Community Operators. Hear how Ellie and her partner secured and succeeded in the jobshare on highly sensitive, high profile inquiry. Her experience sharing a role for almost 3 years as a detective is an inspiring example of going for it with confidence and an open mind regardless of corporate legacy. Turning the doubtful into the delightful.

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