Costs and benefits of work life balance for companies.

Costs and benefits of work life balance for companies.

Before Covid flexible working was for the few - so it felt. Many felt they had to justify working flexibly even if they "qualified". Covid changed everything, companies moved to fully remote, work from anywhere, and hybrid became an operational priority. Still we're hearing stories of working mothers being denied flexible working, and as a result, some companies have had to pay a hefty price.

So what is a company to do when business continuity, speed, and performance are core to a competitive edge and success, and at the same time employees don't want to work full time or the standard hours? It can be tricky - it requires trust and agile leadership. It requires stellar communication and technologies to support it. It also requires understanding that how people want to work is quite diverse. As such, leveraging and embracing an array of flexible working options is key to sustainable success for teams and companies. Full-time, flexi time, remote, hybrid and sharing all offer businesses the continuity they seek while supporting employees with equitable working opportunities. As for sharing or job sharing, it has often been the more obscure path to flexible working, but technologies like Roleshare are striving to make it accessible to all. The working model is uniquely placed to offer significant business benefits as well. 

Though Covid has accelerated change toward flexible working, many companies, executives, and managers still need to be inspired to adjust. If you're wondering what the benefits of work life balance are to a business, and what your rights might be around flexible working, have a read through the UK Department for Business Innovation & Skills literature review, Costs and Benefits to Business of Adopting Work Life Balance Working Practices

Leverage this government backed list of benefits to present the job share working model to your employer or prospective employer.

Cost and benefits of work life balance

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