2019-11-27 | Podcasts

E8 S1

Line Manager Empathy Enables Flexible Working - EKOMI, Chief People Officer, Tatjana Tasan

E8 S1 - "Talk with Roleshare" Podcast

Line managers with young women in their immediate families, who happen to be at the start of their careers, are more likely to approve flexible working arrangements and shared roles for their direct reports. This is what Tatjana Tasan identified, along with other findings, when she advocated for and piloted a job share program in a previous HR leadership role at Vodafone.  Her aim was to drive greater diversity in senior roles. Today, she brings the same forward-thinking mindset as Chief People & Culture Officer at EKOMI, a consumer feedback company where trust and lasting relationships is core to their product and consumers experience.

Talk with Roleshare   Talk with Roleshare

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