Productivity is a Byproduct of Connectivity - Workplace From Facebook

Productivity is a Byproduct of Connectivity - Workplace From Facebook

E9 S2 - Talk Roleshare Podcast

"I think productivity is a consequence that happens when you connect everyone on the same platform, when everyone is equally informed."
-Julien Codorniou, VP, Workplace from Facebook

The norm is limited by what is possible. Technology widens what is possible and puts the norm under the spotlight. Is the norm the best way?

Look at companies like Uber, Airbnb. Think back about your reaction when you first heard of their business model. Surprised, intrigued, curious, uncomfortable perhaps? When people hear about Roleshare, sometimes their reaction is based on the norm. Surprised, intrigued, curious, uncomfortable. Historically, sharing a role has been for the lucky who knew someone in their immediate network with whom they could share a role.

Today, more so than ever, flexible working is a competitive lever for companies, but staying connected as a team is key. Even before the pandemic, global organizations faced the challenge of being disconnected, connectivity, transparency, and communication are core to the success of any team - be it a global, regional, local, core, or a micro team like a Roleshare.

Workplace from Facebook is a disruptive tool in the enterprise communication space, turning workplaces into connected communities. On this episode of Talk Roleshare, we speak with Julien Codorniou, VP, Workplace from Facebook. Hear how Workplace enables working in ways beyond the norm.

"There is no way back after Covid. The way people work is going to change and it’s here to stay. I’m not surprised there is a need for more flexibility. Roleshare is a great example of that. I think it was a basic need that was there for many years, it looked hard, it looked complicated, it looked extensive, but I think with the current circumstances more and more companies will want to get there.

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