Roleshare introduces “blind matching” for talent and “co-apply” for a job.

Roleshare introduces “blind matching” for talent and “co-apply” for a job.

At Roleshare we are on a mission to enable a diverse and sustainable workforce by bringing diverse skills and experiences together for jobs. Retaining diverse talent in light of the mass resignation and attracting untapped talent is a top priority for leaders of small and large companies. We are thrilled to highlight three new Roleshare features for the benefit of our professional community and business customers.

Blind matching for professionals seeking to job share.


We believe in equal opportunity.

That means creating as many chances for professionals seeking to connect with others to job share. Starting today, profile photos have been removed from the match listings page, and are revealed after matches "connect". This is a first step in reducing bias with the goal to enable stronger and more diverse pairs for the consideration of hiring managers on Roleshare.

Find job share matches today. 



Co-application for professionals.

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Now professionals can apply for jobs. Together. 

Professionals on Roleshare can now co-apply for jobs as a pair, making it easy for hiring managers to discover pairs who have connected and planned how to job share.

Companies and hiring managers are able to mix and match pairs based on their job requirements.

“Pay as you Go” job listings.

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The world's best companies are job sharing.

Roleshare started off as a tool for professionals to connect to each other to share jobs. Our community is thousands strong and growing! We are going full circle. Companies can now join our platform to open their jobs to professionals on Roleshare.

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