Two Communication Directors explain how roleshare helped them lead more fulfilled lives

Two Communication Directors explain how roleshare helped them lead more fulfilled lives

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Written by Sophie Smallwood

This is a new trend on the job market - two (or more) professionals sharing the same position, once, twice, three times+! It's perfect for people who want to reduce their hours, but don't want to leave the workforce altogether. Or maybe you're just starting out and don't want to commit to a full-time job quite yet. Serial job sharing.

Meet Rhiannon Clapperton and Lisa Watch, "serial job sharers." They've worked at three different firms and were twice hired as a pair for a fresh position!

Today, they are co-Directors of Communications and External Affairs at Kinship - a charity for kinship carers to children, where they manage a team together and report to the CEO. "They are an excellent illustration of the potential Roleshare aims provide individuals and businesses" says Sophie Smallwood, co-founder of Roleshare. A platform dedicated to bringing the power of job sharing to people and companies. 

"If job share can work for a Director of Communication role,  it can work probably in any role."

Wondering how  job share managers manage their direct reports? Or how the two of them actually share a job? Perhaps you think it's more work for their manager? Get your answers direct from Lisa Watch and Rhiannon Clapperton in this interview with Sophie Smallwood.


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The trend of job sharing is on the rise - and for good reason. It offers professionals more flexibility and can help reduce stress levels. If you're considering a job share, here are a few tips to get started:

1. Talk to your boss. The first step is to speak with your boss about your idea. They may be open to the idea and could even suggest a few potential candidates.

2. Find a partner. The best job shares happen when you have a compatible partner. Roleshare can help with this. Use Roleshare to meet people who want to share a job, to meet people to share your current job, or find and apply for other shareable jobs. 

3. Set some ground rules. It's important to set some ground rules for your job share, such as how you will communicate with each other, how you might divide work, team reporting structures, work through challenges. 

4. Give it a try. The final step is to give job sharing a try! You may find that it's the perfect solution for you and your partner.

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