Show your employees you care with these 20 benefits for parents.

Show your employees you care with these 20 benefits for parents.

There are a number of reasons working parents are critical employees for companies to retain. First, they bring a unique set of skills and experiences to the workplace. Second, they often have a strong work ethic and are highly motivated to succeed. Third, they are typically very organized and efficient, which can be a tremendous asset to any company. Finally, working parents often have a great deal of loyalty to their employer and are less likely to leave for another job.

These are just a few of the many reasons working parents are such valuable employees. Companies that recognize the importance of retaining these employees will undoubtedly reap the rewards in the form of increased productivity, lower turnover rates, and higher morale.

So here are 20 ways companies can help retain working parents balance work and child care responsibilities:

1. Offer job sharing.

2. Encourage employees to use their paid time off.

3. Offer flexible work hours.

4. Offer on-site child care.

5. Provide financial assistance for child care expenses.

6. Give employees access to backup child care.

7. Allow employees to work from home.

8. Educate managers and supervisors about the challenges working parents face.

9. Promote a culture of understanding and respect for working parents’ needs and schedules.

10. Encourage employees to take advantage of family-friendly policies and benefits.

11. Support employees who are also caregivers for elderly or disabled family members.

12. Offer paid parental leave.

13. Make it easier for employees to find and afford high-quality child care.

14. Recognize that parenting is a job, not a hobby.

15. Help employees create a work-life balance that works for them.

16. Allow employees to bring their children to work occasionally.

17. Offer paid family leave.

18. Provide child care subsidies.

19. Give employees flexible spending accounts for child care expenses.

20. Provide complimentary or discounted memberships to child care facilities.

We understand not all companies can afford such extensive benefits, but by implementing even a few of these policies, companies can make a big difference in the lives of their working parents. In turn, these employees will be more likely to stick around, be more productive, and feel appreciated – which is good for everyone involved.

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