This company leverages job share to  reduce risk to the business and create more jobs.

This company leverages job share to  reduce risk to the business and create more jobs.

Dalton Financial Partners are a company offering a new breed of financial advice for businesses. They believe life should be lived to the fullest for both for their clients and for their employees. It's one of the reasons, Josh Dalton, Director, says they have always offered job share if they " found two suitable candidates that could only work part time hours."

The company recently announced the appointment of Client Services Co-Officers - Sally Foster and Sarah Mazzaglia. Foster and Mazzaglia said this arrangement was the company's idea, "they wanted the right applicants and were willing to be flexible. Our employer has been really supportive of the job share so that has made the transition really smooth." When we asked Dalton what this arrangement brings to the business he said, "I have noticed an improvement to the culture and the process of learning to be as flexible as possible. It is a balancing act being an employer trying to offer flexibility but at the same time trying to run a solid business and maintain productivity while building up the culture."

"Attract better quality candidates and the lower risk to the company by having two people instead of one (in case one decided to move on)." 
Josh Dalton, Director at Dalton Financial Partners

Now working this way "has required a little more work," says Dalton. Mainly around communication and handover of tasks to ensure high standards. Foster and Mazzaglia, however, say "we have similar working values, and high attention to detail so that is the basis of how we work together. We both work Monday so we have a bit of a chat then about how we are both going and anything we might need help with. We each have a task list that the other can check, and our business uses Slack to communicate so we do that too."


Any job, any team has its challenges, but Foster and Mazzaglia's role share puts them in a unique position to "welcome learning what my coworker has to offer in terms of teaching me." They also have a "mutual understanding of valuing time and working as hard as possible while at work to ensure that when the other is not there, one person is not left with everything to do." "The upsides [of job share] outweigh the downsides" says Dalton. "I think overall we are happy to accommodate these work arrangements, as the staff live more balanced personal lives. Sally and Sarah both bring a lot to the table, and we are delighted to have them in our team."

As for Foster and Mazzaglia, working this way has enabled them to fully disconnect on days off with children and has allowed them a "comfortable work life balance" knowing their partner has "things under control at work." They feel "lucky" to work this way, and by bringing their combined experiences and strengths to the job, they are able to operate at their best. "I feel valued and not guilty for working part time. There is also less stress now so I think I’m more productive and the work is of a higher quality." 

"It's wonderful to see Dalton Financial Partners leaning into this way of working. There is a huge opportunity out there for SMBs who want to attract great talent but are competing against the bigger players for that same talent," says Sophie Smallwood, Co-Founder of - a platform matching professionals to co-apply for meaningful jobs. Smallwood adds, "I can certainly appreciate the feeling of being lucky to work this way - but I want to take 'luck' out of the equation."

"There will always be a need for flexibility, whether the work week is five days, four days, or output based. Every employee is an individual and job sharing allows for their individual needs without disadvantaging the employer." 
Sally Foster and Sarah Mazzaglia - Client Services Co-Officers at Dalton Financial Partners

"There are so many incredible women who haven’t been given the opportunity to reach their full potential due to limited opportunities from narrow-minded employers. Flexible work enhances the positive experience at work and makes you want to work harder while you are there because you feel respected of your time and valued," say Foster and Mazzaglia.

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