What if one job sharer performs better?

What if one job sharer performs better?

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Sophie Smallwood, co-founder and co-CEO of Roleshare, talks about what to do if one job sharer performs better than the other. You might be suprised. 

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Sophie Smallwood:

No two people are better than each other in their entire team. Everyone has their strengths. And this is the beauty of a job shares, you can actually transfer knowledge and upskill individuals through the peer to peer learning cycle, right. And when people go through the peer to peer learning cycle, they're actually going through the entire learning loop, it's one of the most effective ways that people can learn is through peers. So love this question.

Now, in reality, when two people are sharing a role, of course, there will be someone who might be better at Excel, the other person might be better around, you know, just sort of external communication, for example. And when you bring those two skills together, you're actually creating a deeper, wider breadth of skills, right? And the company wins, the role wins, the manager wins the stakeholders when everyone wins, and then the people get to learn from each other. So that is one of the beauties.

Now, if someone is actually just not performing, that's a different question. And how would you handle that on any team today? If someone is underperforming, you would ask questions around something happening in their life? Is it temporary? Is it a lack of skills? Can you train and upskill them in other ways? Or is it just that, you know, you need to part ways.

So it's, it's not as black and white, as the question is, but certainly, there's an added benefit when people job share that they can learn from each other, push each other to grow, inspire each other to become better

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