What if one person in a job share is better than the other?

What if one person in a job share is better than the other?

Great! Good motivation and opportunity to grow and improve then, no? It all starts with the right match and a solid plan. That’s where Roleshare comes in. Our platform matches professionals together to co-apply for roles, we also have guides and customizable templates for joint CVs and operational plans. According to Roleshare research, when people share jobs they perform at their individual best - there is also a 30% productivity gain. The extra care around communication, tracking, and handover, drives more accountability.

Additionally, Roleshare's research suggests there is a natural coaching and upskilling benefit built into job share. More real-time feedback within the pair drives regular opportunities to grow and improve. When people share jobs, each person brings diverse sets of strengths to complement each other.

Lastly, if one person is simply underperforming, you would handle it similarly to any single employee underperforming. Hannah Hall-Turner and Rachel Maguire used to be co-HR Directors at CBRE, today they are The Job Share Pair - advising individuals and companies on how to job share successfully. Their background in HR and employment law are useful in the context. If underperformance is the issue, here is the right approach per Hannah and Rachel.

They suggest to identify if there is:

  1.  A lack of understanding about the role. Solution: Communication and re-setting expectations about what is required. 
  2. Something going on in the person's life that is impacting performance at work. Solution: Support the employee, and leverage the built-in ally in the job share. 
  3. Capabilities issue. Solution: Line manager to assess. If it's fixable offer training, support, guidance, upskilling via job share partner. 

And if exit is the way to go, then one unique benefit to job sharing is the company and manager have insurance of skills and continuity in the role because the other person is still there to carry on. That same individual can also help onboard the new hire quickly through immersive transfer of knoweldge. 

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