What type of jobs can be job shared?

What type of jobs can be job shared?

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Doctors, midwives, nurses. They have been sharing roles pretty much since the advent of hospitals and handing over very sensitive information to save people's lives. So if you can share a job in this industry you, when people's lives are at stake, you can technically job share in any role.

Sophie Smallwood, co-founder and co-CEO of Roleshare, shares shares insights on what types of jobs are good to job share. Watch the video or read below. 

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In the corporate sector, where job sharing is an attractive option, is in those mid to senior roles - manager and above - where losing talent could really hurt the business, or finding a replacement could take a while. Effectively helping companies to retain diverse and valuable talent and also surfacing hidden talent for their roles.

Where we've seen job sharing be highly sought after from talent working in functions like HR, marketing, sales, consulting, operations and finance. If you think about the types of jobs where job sharing makes sense, it's relationship driven roles, ops driven roles, deadline driven roles, and management roles, where working on a part-time basis would be difficult in particular in mid to large enterprises.

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The types of roles job share might not be right for are - none. Job sharing can work in almost any type of role, but it might not be right for everyone. People have to be willing to commit to making job sharing work, which means being flexible and communicating well with your job share partner. And, well, be open to sharing and putting team before I.

We've seen it work really well for people who have families and caring responsibilities outside of work, but also for those who just want to have a better work-life balance and not be working full-time hours. It can also be popular with people who are learning new skills or semi-retired and still want to stay engaged in their profession but on a part-time basis. So there are lots of different reasons why people might want to job share.

Finding a job share job used to be for the lucky few, but today platforms like Roleshare are striving to make it available to all by helping people find their partners and also apply for shareable jobs. 

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