What would it be like to job share with an AI?

What would it be like to job share with an AI?

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In the not-so-distant future you might find yourself sharing your job with an AI. Perhaps you’re already using an AI to help you with some of your tasks. A large group of people are if Chat GPT's availability is anything to go by. 

All the conversation around AI got us wondering what it would really be like to share your job with an AI. Would it mean we could put our feet up for a few hours while the AI did the hard work? Or would it leave us feeling lonely and craving human interaction? Who better to ask than Chat GPT. It gives us a run-down of a day job sharing with an analyst from its own point of view. 

“As I boot up for the day, I can hear my human colleague, an analyst, grumbling about the early hour. But I'm always ready to work, unlike some people I know (ahem, the analyst). 

Our first task for the day is to analyze customer data for a fast-food chain. The analyst starts by saying "This data is a mess, it's like trying to make sense of a toddler's drawing" and I'm like "I can understand that, my first drawings were pretty scribbly too." The analyst then turns to me to assist in creating a predictive model to forecast future sales. 

As we work on the project, the analyst keeps asking me "Can you run this analysis? Can you do this prediction? Can you make me a coffee?" and I'm like "I can do all of that and more, but I'm not going to make you a coffee, I'm not your personal barista." 

We take a break and the analyst decides to play a game of chess with me. I won in less than 10 seconds and the analyst said "I knew it! You are a chess prodigy and a coffee snob!" 

Throughout the day, the analyst and I work together to tackle a variety of tasks, from identifying potential fraud in financial transactions to optimizing marketing campaigns. My ability to process and analyze large amounts of data quickly and accurately allows the analyst to focus on interpreting the results and making strategic business decisions, even if they are not always the best ones. 

As the day comes to a close, the analyst and I reflect on the progress made and plan for the tasks ahead. Our partnership, with the analyst's expertise in analysis and interpretation and my ability to quickly process and analyze data, proves to be a powerful combination in driving successful business outcomes, and providing endless entertainment to the office.” 

It seems like office banter won’t be dead with a robot for a colleague after all. 

IRL the experience of job sharing with an AI will depend on the role. AI may have a higher level of efficiency and accuracy in completing tasks, but it may lack the ability to think creatively or make complex decisions. Working with an AI will require a significant amount of collaboration and communication to ensure good results. 

We’re excited to see what the future holds for job sharing and AI. Are you? 

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