What's  job share?

What's  job share?

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Sophie Smallwood, co-founder and co-CEO of Roleshare, explain what is a job share.

Okay, so what's a job share? So job share is when you have two people with diverse experiences and complementary skills come together to share a job, sharing the responsibilities, the objectives, the successes, the benefits and the salary of a job. Simple. Watch the below video and read to learn more.


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So how do you make a job share work?

Well, that's where the art comes in - watch our video how to job share in practice. Part of it is matching the two people so that their skills and experiences fit well together, but also their values, working style and even personality. You need to have a good communication plan so that both people know what's going on at all times, and you need to have some flexibility in the way that you work.

A job share can be an amazing way to have a great career while still having time for the things that matter outside of work. It can give you the best of both worlds.

How do I know if someone is a good match for me to job share?

First, think about what you want and what you need from a job share partner. Do you want someone who is similar to you in terms of skills and experiences, or do you want someone who is completely different? Do you want someone who is easygoing, or do you want someone who is more structured? Only you can answer these questions. Download our free candidate guide to job sharing to help you co-interview partners.

Second, the best way to find a job share partner is to join a matching platform to meet others looking to work this way. Roleshare matches talent based on a number of relevant criteria to suggest job share partners, they also make it possible to co-apply for jobs. So you can also invite anyone you know know who might be a good fit for you to co-apply for job share jobs on Roleshare.


Now that you know what a job share is, and how to find a good match, the next step is to start looking for job share opportunities. Job sharing can work in any industry and any job function, so the sky is the limit!

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