Why job share over part time?

Why job share over part time?

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Wondering why a company wouldn't just split a job into two part time roles, instead of doing a job share? Sophie Smallwood, co-founder and co-CEO of Roleshare, shares insight on why a company considering part time should default first to job share. In short - job share is greater than the sum. 



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Sophie Smallwood:

 When someone is working part-time on your team, oftentimes that creates a bottleneck for the rest of the team, right? So in effect, everyone who collaborates with this person who needs things from that person, in effect, becomes part-time on the days that person isn't there.

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When two people are job sharing, there's actually more continuity, more productivity, higher level of wellbeing for those people who are working there and for the team, they benefit from that.

Additionally, there's more diversity of thought, which we all know drives innovation. There's more knowledge transfer, which we know is really important in the future of work, where the half life of skills are decreas. So this constant ability to bring knowledge and to transfer it within the payer, and depending on what they're doing outside of work, someone might be looking after children, the other person might be going back to school.

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There's always this knowledge that's then being brought back into the working environment, which benefits the business. And the team. Right. The other thing that's really interesting when two people are sharing a role is because they share the accountability, um, the objectives, the successes of our role, that actually means that their individual level of performance increases because of the handover they have to do on the days they're working.

They're hyper focused and they're actually delivering a higher level of output than they normally would if they were just alone in. This idea of crossing all your T's and dotting all of your i's is very real when people are job sharing. So next time you're thinking about maybe bringing part-time into your organization, instead ask yourself why not job share instead.

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